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About Us

Gaya Foods imports a wide range of authentic Brazilian and Portuguese food products supplying wholesalers and retailers in the UK and EU.

WE ARE PIONEERS and market leaders stablishing the benchmark for the favourites Brazilian grocery lines in the UK.

Since day one we are promoting innovative, healthy and tasty ingredients highlighting Brazilian food culture.

We are the link between trusted quality suppliers and high demanding costumers, developing food concepts for our international clients through a long history record as trusted partner.

We create value for our customers by offering an ONE STOP SHOP for authentic and exclusive food products, reducing operating complexity and increasing category profitability.

Our supplier network gains a one-point-of-access to European countries profiting from an effective sales platform based on deep customer insights and a cost-efficient logistics as well as quality assurance platform.

A constant focus on Quality and Social Responsibility

We supply our clients with food products that are certified, safe and trustworthy. We make sure that our products are safe to consume, reliably and legally labelled and produced in a responsible way.

Gaya Foods Import, warehousing and distribution done under HACCP standards and soon to apply for quality accreditation BRC.

We create value for all our partners

We are specialized in supplying value-added category offerings, and we have strong partnerships with important food retailers in Europe.

Gaya Foods product categories are divided in Grocery 60%, Frozen 30% and Chiled 10%.

With local offices and warehouses in UK and Portugal, we are close to our significant customers base, therefore we can quickly offer to their needs.

Established relationship with suppliers and high quality

The company has invested time to ensure its suppliers are reliable and operates under high quality standards. Along the years Gaya Foods has built excellent relationships with all of its suppliers.

Matchless expertise in the marketplace

Gaya Foods knows the market trends in Europe. This expertise and considerable knowledge is crucial to the success of our operation.

Supply to over than 1000 trade customers

All over Europe, by independent shops, food service businesses and supermarkets.


Our Services


Full containers and pallet groupage

Whether you need a full container or only a few pallets groupage we can offer a turnkey solutions for fast delivery worldwide. Our professionals follow every steps of process.


Wholesale and distribution

At your door country delivery from United Kingdom and Portugal. Just pick a phone and call us.


Point of sales activation

Let us help your business to grow with our brands. We can manage all kind of evets, Christmas, store anniversary, special promos, ethnic weeks. We are happy to hear your ideas.


Our Brands



If you are an existing food company with national or significant coverage in your country, and you are interested in innovative distribution of amazing Brazilian food products, we are very happy to meet with you.



Do you own Authentic Brazilian product food Brand?

Our local presence and knowledge of markets and consumer preferences allow us to offer the best products to our customers. As our partner, your company will have a cooperative and collaborative relationship, contributing to a better innovation.

With Gaya Foods, your brand is on the best shelves.


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